Group Project Design Connect: Community Playscape and Park Redesign for Savannah, New York

  • Amira Adib-Samiy, 2018
    Kelly Farrell, 2018
    Jaclyn Hochreiter, M.R.P. 2016
    Daniel Lambert, 2016
    Xiaoying Li, 2017
    Isaiah Murray, B.S. URS 2019
    Victoria Neenan, B.S. URS 2017
    Kelsey Padgham, M.R.P. 2017
    Victoria Phillips, B.S. URS 2017
    Malini Roy, M.R.P. 2017
    Kathryn Smith, 2017
    Olivia So, B.S. URS 2017
    Genki Takahashi, 2017
    Katherine Woellner, M.R.P. 2016
  • Instructor

    Michael Tomlan

Team Savannah developed a redesign of the Richard H. Beauter Field, where the priorities were creating a playscape design for multiple ages, bringing back the beloved basketball courts, and suggesting solutions for a drainage issue on the field. Other amenities included walkways (both ADA compliant, and a recreation trail); adding shade, seating, and upgrades to the concession stand on site; and adding benches, landscaping, and parking (including handicapped spaces).

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