Gentrification in Washington, DC: Analysis and Policy Recommendations

  • Imani Robin Jasper, B.S. URS 2016
  • Class

    CRP 4920 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Research
  • Instructor

    Suzanne Lanyi Charles

Gentrification will be one of the defining trends that affects cities in the 21st century. It partially reverses the suburbanization trend of the mid to late 20th century. The causes of gentrification in Washington, DC are a trend of disinvestment and population loss from 1950 to the early 2000s. To reverse this trend Jasper recommends a mix of policy changes be implemented to ameliorate the negative social changes that accompany this positive economic force. She recommends increasing the number of rent controlled apartments to increase affordability, removing the financial hardship loopholes that are being taken advantage of, and finding ways to incorporate existing community needs into the construction boom.

Gentrification in Washington, DC Analysis and Policy Recommendations

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