Group Project Draugen Lookout

  • Justin Foo, B.Arch. 2018
    Elie Boutros, B.Arch. 2018
    Carmen Johnson, M.Arch.II 2017
    Ben Vongvanij, M.Arch. 2017
  • Class

    ARCH 4102 / 5116 Site-specific, Small-scale Interventions
  • Instructor

    Mark Cruvellier
    Sami Rintala
    Dagur Eggertsson

The tower serves as an instrument of triangulation, deflecting visitors into the landscape. Its simple geometry seeks to complement rather than compete with its grandiose environment. The triangular form exaggerates its height and its framed views. When viewed at eye-level, its apparent solidity dissolves to show its internal contents. From a moving car, the stacked timber produces a fascinating moiré effect that animates the stationary structure. The structure is simultaneously rooted in the site's vernacular past and global processes of contemporary mass production. It provides picturesque views of natural scenery as well as insight into the invisible overlay of Flakstad's navigational culture.

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