Graduate Admissions: Architecture

The deadline for receiving application materials to all architecture graduate programs is January 3. There is no spring semester admission.

The professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) admissions details can be found here.

In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School at Cornell University, the Department of Architecture has specific requirements for the graduate degrees listed below. 


Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design (Post-Professional) (M.S. AAD):

  • Students holding a professional bachelor of architecture degree (B.Arch.) or a professional master of architecture degree (M.Arch.) may be admitted as candidates for the post-professional M.S. AAD program. International students must submit an official certification that the degree held is a professional degree entitling them to practice architecture in their country.
  • A portfolio of creative work must be submitted online via the CollegeNET application. Portfolios must be no larger than 20 MB or they will not successfully upload. All applicants are required to submit a portfolio which should represent the applicant's best work and consist mainly of reproductions of 20 to 30 pieces of creative drawings, two-or-three dimensional work, and models. The entire portfolio must be uploaded as one PDF file, using a landscape (horizontal) format for each page, to ensure that the width of the screen is maximally used to view each portfolio page (approximately a 4:3 ratio). If any portfolio project, drawing, or model has been produced by several designers or if the design was produced in a professional setting, each drawing must be labeled, clearly stating the number of designers, which drawings or details of drawings were produced by the applicant and a list of the names of all members of the group project. If the project was produced in an office, an office setting, or as an assistant to an author, the office name, supervisor, and all members of the team must be identified. Please note: The portfolio must be uploaded at the same time as the application is submitted (deadline January 3). Please plan your application process accordingly. 
  • The application process for the M.S. AAD should be used by students applying to the three-semester (one-year) post-professional program. Students interested in applying to the four-semester option should contact for more information and instructions.
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Master of Science in Computer Graphics (M.S.)


Doctor of Philosophy in the History of Architecture and Urban Development (Ph.D. HAUD)

In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School at Cornell University, the Department of Architecture has specific requirements for the admissions process for the Ph.D. HAUD program:

  • Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in architecture, archaeology, history, history of art, anthropology, or an undergraduate degree in any area and appropriate experience in the field. Degree candidates must have proficiency in two languages other than English before beginning the second year of study.
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