Group Project Sympathy & Surface

  • Class

    ARCH 4509/6509 Special Topics in Visual Representation I: Sympathy & Surface (fall 2014)
  • Instructor

    Andrew Lucia

This visual representation seminar examines the act of seeing, of mutual engagement leading to emergent perceptual qualities. Using systems and ecological approaches to the analysis and generation of surface and material organization, this course moves beyond traditional geometric aspects of the architect's palette while offering alternate understandings of form and appearance via the organization and order of light, and subsequently affect. This inherently favors the statistical over the geometric (the noisy over the pure) rooted in the structure of data and information. Beginning with the analysis and reproduction of Louis Sullivan's Ornamentation as an initial prompt, this project-based experimental course was be conducted through a series of digital and analog studies, accompanied by lectures, short readings, and discussion.

Class members included:

  • Snigdha Agarwal (M.Arch. II '15)
  • Erica Alonzo (B.Arch. '16)
  • Ross Amato (B.Arch. '15)
  • Jordan Berta (M.Arch. '16)
  • Debra Chan (B.Arch. '15)
  • Edberto Cheng (B.Arch. '16)
  • Allen Chhav (M.Arch. '16)
  • Jamie Chow (B.Arch. '15)
  • Nick DeMaio (M.Arch. '16)
  • Luke Greco (M.Arch. '16)
  • Jackie Haynes (B.Arch. '15)
  • JB Hoffman (B.Arch. '15)
  • Hwang Seo In (B.Arch. '16)
  • Amy Hyemin Jang (B.Arch. '16)
  • Joseph Kennedy (B.Arch. '15)
  • Whitney Liang (M.Arch. '16)
  • Relicque Lott (B.Arch. '16)
  • Isidoro Michan (B.Arch. '15)
  • Michael Raspuzzii (B.Arch. '16)
  • Eduardo Reims (M.Arch. II '15)
  • Stuart Pidcock (M.Arch. '16)
  • Nathan Powell (B.Arch. '17)
  • Tim Y. Tai (B.Arch. '15)
  • Hon Chiu Alfred To (M.Arch. II '15)
  • Haiyang Xiang (M.Arch. II '15)
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