Cross Laminated Timber Daycare

  • Zoe De Simone, B.Arch. 2022
  • Hometown

    Monza, Italy
  • Class

    ARCH 2102 Design IV: Wood Works
  • Instructor

    Sasa Zivkovic

A series of funnel-like openings serve as classrooms and thresholds, creating urban connections with the site's sloping surroundings and directing vision towards the city and the natural landscape. The daycare building, a cross-laminated timber tower, leverages the principle of lamination both in plan and section by creating layered walls and drop-down ceilings that conceal the building's mechanical systems. In the interior, the cross-laminated timber slabs are layered vertically, horizontally and diagonally, expressing the direction of the grain and exposing the CLT lamination and construction process. Structurally, the lamination allows to gradually thicken the walls towards the core of the building and optimizes material use.

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