Crawl Space: Mummifying Alleyways

Woman with black hair.
  • Ihwa Choi, B.Arch. 2020
  • Hometown

    Los Angeles
  • Class

    ARCH 5101 Design VI Option Studio Exquisite Corps: A Whole with Many Parts
  • Instructor

    Visiting Critic Jimenez Lai
    Visiting Critic Mark Acciari

This proposal is an architectural inquiry into how the formalized confluence of simultaneous narratives presented in the illegal architecture in Taipei can incite participatory reactions from the surrounding context and occupants. The intention is to reinterpret shared spaces between the alleyway fissures that punctuate the urban street-scape as a device to burgeon uncanny misreadings of cohabitation. Simultaneous narratives, when used as a medium, creates a relationship and dialogue between two seemingly disconnected points of time to present new conditions onto the site. The proposed structure allows a framework for multiple narratives to unfold onto a single plane, creating a palimpsest condition of commingling stories. The formal confusion experiments with temporal sequence to invite participation from the reader.

The push and pull of the illegal, barnacle-like additions on the facades of the alleyways forge unique contours that, when in dialogue with an opposing alleyway facade, gives the negative space in between a unique silhouette. The identity of the silhouette embodies the uncanny and its ability to propagate a new identity that is both distinct to a specific point in time and is also read through a cross-pollinated lens of history.

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