Postering Guidelines

These guidelines are to allow organizations and individuals to advertise events or other opportunities throughout the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP). There are several areas which are controlled by specific departments. In these areas, these guidelines do not apply — approval must be granted by the department that controls each area before posting is allowed. Organizations and individuals may post inside college buildings on approved bulletin boards using tacks only (magnets will be provided for attaching posters to the metal structure in Milstein Hall). If in doubt about whether a bulletin board is approved, please see one of the AAP facilities staff.  All posters must bear the name of the sponsoring organization or individual.

Posters must be approved by AAP facilities staff and stamped by the individual submitting the poster before they can be posted. Failure to obtain proper approval before posting will result in the removal of posters and possibly charges for the cost of removal. Posters may be uploaded for approval through the Postering Request Form. The submitting individual will be responsible for stamping all posters with the approval stamp provided by the AAP facilities staff. 

The following are prohibited:

  • The use of masking tape or other adhesives (including paste or glue)
  • The use of nails, heavy gauge staples, or other metal fasteners
  • Attaching signs to woodwork, statues, walls, doors, windows/transparent surfaces, etc.
  • Attaching flyers or posters to college or university signage
  • Posters under the size of 187 square inches (11" x 17") should be limited to no more than three per bulletin board per event. Posters over 187 square inches should be limited to no more than one per bulletin board per event. Posters exceeding the size of 408 square inches (24" x 17") are prohibited. Posters of unusual shapes (i.e., not rectangles or squares) that interfere with other posters (to be determined by the AAP facilities staff) are prohibited.


  • Only posters from Cornell University registered organizations/departments, AAP students, or non-Cornell nonprofits will be approved.
  • Posters must be submitted for approval at least three days prior to an event or they will not be approved. Posters can be submitted online for approval through the Postering Request Form.
  • All posters must clearly contain the name of the sponsoring organization and contact information such as website, email, or phone number.
  • No posters will be approved if they are of a nature that can be considered obscene, discriminatory, libelous, promoting illegal activity, or conveying a message in conflict with the mission of either AAP or Cornell University (as deemed by AAP facilities staff).
  • All posters must comply with the Student Activities Office's postering policy. 


  • Indoor areas will be checked by the AAP facilities staff for materials not posted in accordance with this policy and for outdated materials.
  • The cost of removal of any materials posted without approval, or of repair for damage caused, will be billed to the responsible organization or student.
  • Under the Campus Code of Conduct, the Office of the Judicial Administrator has jurisdiction over complaints against any members or agencies of the university community who illegally destroy, deface, or remove posters on university bulletin boards, or who attach posters to surfaces not intended to serve as bulletin boards.

Approved bulletin boards:

  • Milstein Hall
    • Back side of studio desks on the main corridor of the L. P. Kwee Studios
    • South wall by computers
    • Metal structure
    • Basement corridor
  • Sibley Hall
    • Green Dragon Café
    • Crit walls adjacent to room 240
    • Crit walls adjacent to room 260
    • Third floor east wing
    • Outside room 309
  • Olive Tjaden Hall
    • Second floor, south wall by stairs
    • Second floor, east wall by elevator
    • Third floor, south wall by elevator
    • Fourth floor, south wall by elevator
  • Rand Hall
    • Off the stairwell on the first and second floors
    • Next to entry doors
    • Corridor walls
  • The Foundry
    • Between room 105 east and west doors

Fines for posting without approval:

  • Upon the first violation of the postering guidelines, the registered organization or student will be charged for the cost of removal and receive a warning from the AAP facilities staff.
  • Upon any subsequent violations of the guidelines, the registered organization or student will be charged for the cost of removal and will be fined an additional 25 percent of the cost of removal (a minimum fine of $25 and a maximum fine of $100), and notice of said violation will be placed in the organization's file, the Judicial Administrator's Office, and the SAFC/GP­SAFC if appropriate.
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