Laure Casanova Enault: Multiple Property Ownership in France

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As in many OECD countries and despite its high level of public sector intervention in the housing market, France has recently entered into a new era of "post-homeownership" society (Ronald & Kadi, 2018). Characterized by an increase in wealth inequalities, this period opposes in particular private individuals involved in housing wealth accumulation trajectories — multiple property owners — with poor and young people not able to become property owners. The lecture aims to show how widespread this phenomenon is, its characteristics, and its effects on local markets. It will provide different examples coming from recent research investigations based on the analysis of a novel longitudinal micro-geographic dataset on property ownership and transactions (from French property tax services).


Laure Casanova Enault is an associate professor in geography at Avignon University, UMR CNRS ESPACE laboratory. Her research aims at understanding the links between urban development and property market mechanisms. She also works on prospective scenarios for future urban development, based on more sustainable market rules.

As a methodologist, she has developed an expertise in micro-level data analysis from fiscal datasets on property ownership and transactions. She carries out analysis of land and housing markets with spatial analysis methods and she conducts qualitative interviews with different stakeholders (landowners, policy makers etc.).

She holds the GIF Chair (Geodata for Real Estate Research) along with Guihem Boulay.

Laure Casanova Enault will deliver this lecture remotely. Audience attendance is in-person only.

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