EJ Hauser: Mission to Explore

Left: a painting with a red background and blue abstract shapes. Right: a painting with a grey background and green, navy, and orange abstract shapes.

Over the Orchard (2022), oil on canvas, 14" x 11" (left) and First Early Summer (2022), oil on canvas, 40" x 30" (right). image / provided


EJ Hauser believes that artists are on a mission to explore.

During their talk, Hauser will show images and discuss their art-making in relationship to their desire to visualize what lies beneath the surface as well as connect to an aliveness.


EJ Hauser (they/she) is a painter who lives and works in Brooklyn and Ulster County, New York, and is represented by Derek Eller Gallery in New York City and Haverkampf & Leistenschneider in Berlin.

Hauser's paintings are both graphic and open to interpretation, teetering between iconography and something familiar but abstract. This imagery shifts between omnivorous references both ancient and current — the paintings are mysterious talismans, employing buzzing pallets and marks that dance. Stuttering lines form a visual code like musical notes, which coalesce with atmospheric layers to create ineffable messages.

Hauser's source library draws from the natural world, imagery that is cross-pollinated with the formal qualities found in craftwork like rugs, fabrics, wallpapers, and mosaics, as well as digital visual characteristics, which they interpret through drawing and then transliterate onto canvas. Each piece is composed of multiple layers of color. 

In 2023, Hauser had their second solo show with Haverkampf & Leistenschneider as well as solo shows with Parrasch Heinjen in Los Angeles and at Anton Kern's WINDOW in New York City. Their work has been shown in numerous group exhibitions in New York, including Cheim & Read, Sperone Westwater, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, and The Journal Gallery. Hauser 's work has been featured in The New YorkerThe New York TimesFriezeThe Brooklyn RailBOMB Magazine, and Turps Banana, among others.

EJ Hauser is the fall 2023 Teiger Mentor in the Arts

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