Dragon Day 2023

A black and white pencil sketch of a clocktower surrounded by two dragons.

image / provided

This year's dragon, designed solely by first-year architecture students at Cornell AAP, will capture your eye as it floats gloriously across campus! Dragon Day is one of Cornell's best-known traditions dating back over 100 years. This dragon will be draped in a woven tapestry made out of collected and donated fabric to support aesthetic and sustainable goals. As part of the finale at the end of the parade, the full tapestry will be unveiled and established as a temporary art installation on the Arts Quad. The first-year students will be accompanied by AAP's student community, with an open invitation extended to the rest of the university to join the parade.

Parade Route

  • Leaves Sibley Hall parking lot at 1 p.m.
  • Travels east on University Avenue
  • Turns right (south) on Feeney Way (formerly East Avenue)
  • Turns right (west) on Campus Road
  • Turns right (north) South Central walkway through Ho Plaza
  • Enters the Arts Quad between Uris and Olin Libraries
  • Proceeds to the north end of the Arts Quad by Sibley Hall

Also of Interest

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