Dragon Day 2022

This event has passed.

Sketch of a two-headed dragon in white on a solid black background
Dragon Day 2022. image / Linda Lin
Model of a green dragon in front of a building
Dragon Day, 2016. photo / provided
Dragon Day 2022. image / Linda Lin Dragon Day, 2016. photo / provided

Dragon Day 2022 — Resurrection

Following a two-year hiatus, both first- AND second-year architecture students at Cornell AAP resurrect the dragon! This year's two-headed beast will march through campus accompanied by AAP students in outrageous costumes and performing artists, with an open invitation for all to join in the festivities.  

The parade will start Friday, April 1, at 1 p.m. This year's event will not be live-streamed (a video recording will quickly follow).

Parade Route

  • Leaves Sibley Hall parking lot at 1 p.m.
  • Travels east on University Avenue
  • Turns right (south) on East Avenue
  • Turns right (west) on Campus Road
  • Turns right (north) South Central walkway through Ho Plaza
  • Enters the Arts Quad between Uris and Olin Libraries
  • Proceeds to the north end of the Arts Quad by Sibley Hall

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