Tina Lam: Tapedum Lucidum (through the night brightly)

This event has passed.

Light cream colored crinkled fabric with dark skinny lines running down it.

Presented as a single large-scale installation comprised of various sculptural objects, the viewer is invited to walk through, to sit and to contemplate on the evasive and ambiguous forces - may these be natural, human-made, or undefined - that operate at the nexus of the physical and the metaphorical. This solo exhibition queries that which pervades through the universe as an enigmatic unknown, a primordial source that is simultaneously a void and a plenitude. Can the unknown only oscillate at the periphery of that which is known? Is the day but a prolongation of the night?  

Tapedum Lucidum (through the night brightly) features the recent work of Tina Lam (M.F.A. '22).

Masks must be worn at all times in the Tjaden Gallery.

Partly funded by the Cornell Council for the Arts.

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