Anna Dietzsch: Forest City

A man made structure consisting of natural found materials, overlayed with 3 digital renderings of how the structure is composed.

Forest City. image / provided

Forest City is a platform in evolution, a manifest for an alternative city that results from the productive encounter of the forest (and its dwellers), Indigenous practices, and Western technology.  It is a project that embraces multidisciplinary in its broader meaning and seeks new technologies that are specific and relevant to local context. 

The projects in this exhibition have been driven by this search. They have been developed in partnership with different communities and, in some instances, by their request. They have also been developed in partnership with Escola da Cidade, Sao Paulo, and more specifically with the Architecture and Biosphere Platform within that school. As a collaborative effort, Forest City is the result of many hands and brains. The projects exhibited were discussed and designed collectively by many people, from many backgrounds, including students from AAP (Cornell University), GSAPP (Columbia University), Escola da Cidade (Sao Paulo), as well as the Kamayurá and Yudjá People of Xingu, Brazil.

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