What are B.F.A. Students Learning?

Through successful fulfillment of the bachelor of fine arts course of study, graduates will:


  • Develop knowledge of the history and specificity of diverse disciplinary methods and media practices
  • Comprehend how individual modes of artistic practice are used for creative thought and sociocultural expression
  • Understand the ways that contemporary art practice creatively and critically works between or across established disciplines
  • Display familiarity with the diversity of traditions, languages, and societies in the contemporary global context, and with art in its multicultural dimensions
  • Be able to interpret and engage with existing visual culture and media as a form of creative intelligence


  • Develop a discerning voice and confidence in one’s own artistic authorship, based on material, conceptual, and critical sensibility
  • Create and sustain a body of work through self-directed research, experimentation, risk-taking, and reflective analysis
  • Advance practices that can thrive either as an individual practice or within collaborative environments


  • Effectively communicate the intention of one’s work through its full formal realization
  • Be publicly articulate in the evaluation of the work of peers as well as more established artists
  • Successfully represent oneself to arts organizations, curators, publications, and graduate programs for the purpose of advancing professional and artistic goals
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