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Person with blonde cropped hair and light skin wearing a white shirt with a tree background looking down at the viewer in the sunlight.

Maddy Bremner

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Maddy Bremner is an artist based in Minneapolis. Using material and digital methods, her practice engages with systems of creation where craft, medium, and process are a means of inquiry. Her work incorporates a context-informed approach to typography, and she has worked with the Hamilton Wood Type Museum as a student researcher. Bremner received her B.F.A in graphic design from the University of Minnesota in 2018.

Black and white x-ray of a broken leg bone with a letter K in the bottom right corner.

Nelis Franken

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Nelis Franken is an artist interested in systems, randomness, and time — specifically, how we use our tools, words, and images to construct and reinforce our beliefs. He hopes to one day better understand our obsession with predicting the future.

Light skinned person with chin-length blonde hair wearing a navy blue button up shirt smiles against a background of telephone wires, blue and pink sky, and green grass.

Catherine Gans

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Born in New York City, Catherine Gans works and lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a writer, she is committed to situating intimate narratives in the context of history, politics, or, more precisely, in relation to power. This interest in the tension between private and public is what draws her to family stories and photography, the sites of our earliest ruptures between mythology and truth. She is currently working on a nonfiction project about her own family and their generations-long pursuit of the archetype of a normal, white American family.

Selfie of a Filipino-American person wearing makeup, with long black hair and a red shirt.

Danielle Garcia

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Danielle Garcia (they/she or siya [SHAH] in Tagalog) is a Filipino-American artist — born in Las Piñas City, Philippines and raised in Jacksonville, Florida — who practices traditional illustration, creative writing, acting, and modeling. Garcia explores questions of identity, history, and heritage through the lens of queerness in the Filipino diaspora, modern spirituality, and the superimposition of personal/collective past, present, and future. Garcia graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida in 2018 with a B.A. in art history; by senior year, they had co-created the School of Art+Art History's student publication Dinner + No Show; completed curatorial internships at the Harn Museum of Art and Princeton University Art Museum; and published their honors thesis in the UF Journal of Undergraduate Research. Garcia went on to work full-time as a museum educator for the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens and, most recently, the inaugural Director of Arts Education for the St. Petersburg Warehouse Arts District Association. Garcia is currently based in Queens, New York.

Bald person with light skin and a short red beard looks sternly at the viewer in front of a blue background.

Maxwell Harvey-Sampson

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Maxwell Harvey-Sampson is an upstate New York-based artist working primarily in the mediums of photography and writing. Coming from a small Pennsylvania town instilled him with an interest in and adoration for the other, himself having accepted such a moniker. The resulting images and writing center queer visibility and honesty as a powerful political statement; ultimately, the images elevate the subject to that status of an icon, often referencing Renaissance-era artwork. Harvey-Sampson's writing centers upon unexpected humanity found in adverse situations while providing an irreverent perspective into the struggles he has experienced, as engendered by his mental illness.

Person with feminine facial features, light skin, and long brown hair wearing black turtleneck smiles wide in front of a black background.

Sara Minsky

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Sara Minsky is an artist and educator from New York City. Her work explores loss, familial history, and record keeping. She has been the recipient of residencies at the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts and Trestle Art Space. She holds an M.A in art education and teaches photography at the High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan. 

Black and grey view of a Japanese-Taiwanese American person with dark hair in a ponytail wearing black dancing in front of a white background.

Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic

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Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic is a Japanese-Taiwanese American artist working with photography, writing, movement, and temporary text-based sculpture. Her practice reflects on the conditions and contradictions of belonging and the embodied experience of "mixed" identity. Nobematsu-Le Gassic holds a B.A. in architecture and urban design studies from New York University and a Diplom in sculpture from Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin as a DAAD Scholar. She has recently exhibited at EMOP Berlin, Kommunale Galerie, and Beaux-Arts de Paris. She is based in Berlin, Germany, and in her hometown of Berkeley, California.  

Black and white view of a person with light skin, chin length curly hair wearing an abstract patterned dress, smiling as they look behind their shoulder in front of a black and white sun-like decorative background.

Monica Regan

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Monica Regan is a writer and image-maker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In search of the accidental insights and surprising new dimensions which open up as linguistic and visual mediums collide, her current work is an inquiry into the profound uncertainty of our collective future. Combining poetry, essays, and photographs of found objects, the work explores the nature of individual, subjective experience against the backdrop of larger systemic failures and unraveling. Regan holds an M.F.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State University. Her writing has been published in VERSE, New American Writing, VOLT, sidebrow, and 26, among others, and she has exhibited images and multimedia works in shows at Lincart Gallery in San Francisco, Recology, Inc., and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. In her other vocation, Regan is a long-time social justice strategist and movement-builder who works with progressive leaders and organizations across the country. She lives in Oakland, California, with assorted family members and her dog, Oblio.

Person with light skin in a white t-shirt with short brown hair and a short beard smiles in front of a green leaf background.

David Richards

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David Richards is a photographer based in Fresno, California. His work investigates ideas of place and landscape — issues relating to our understanding of home, wilderness, and civilization. He is interested in images that explore areas of humor and contradiction within our environment. He has a B.A. and M.A. from California State University, Fresno.

Black and white view of a person with curly textured hair in a high ponytail, wearing a tank top and smiling in a front of a grey background.

Crystal Lamar

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Crystal Lamar is a Great Lakes-born, Philadelphia-based artist working with image and text in photography, comics, and textiles. Her work asks questions about perspective-making and explores how space, and traversing space, informs meaning. She's motivated by threads that cross divides as well as the transformative properties of a process itself.

Person with light skin wearing a white short-sleeved button up with long blonde hair looks at the viewer unsmiling, in front of an abstract blue and white background.

Genevieve Sachs

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Genevieve Sachs is a writer and visual artist from Chicago, based primarily in Brooklyn. She focuses on text art and visual poetry, exploring ideas around forced or misdirected nostalgia. Excerpts of her prose serve as the basis of her artwork, which takes form through graphite drawing and an array of printmaking processes predominantly including intaglio and cyanotypes. She received her B.F.A. in studio art from New York University in 2018 and has since been developing her practice at Shoestring Press (Brooklyn, New York), Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, and residencies including Directangle Press (Bethlehem, New Hampshire), Kypseli Print Studio (Athens, Greece), and Can Serrat (Barcelona, Spain). Her writing has been published by Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Pioneer Works Press, Devastation Baby Literary Magazine, Breadcrumbs Magazine, and S/WORD Literary Journal. 

Person with light skin, short curly hair and brown beard in a grey t-shirt looks unsmiling at the viewer in front of a cream background.

Yonatan Schechner

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Yonatan Schechner is a photographer based in Boston, Massachusettes. He is interested in the mysteries of everyday life. Schechner is working in conjunction with his immediate family in Vermont, his first home in Israel, and his current home in Massachusetts.

An African American woman with braided hair smiles in front of a grass, brick, and blue sky background.

Kamaria Shepherd

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Kamaria Shepherd is an interdisciplinary artist based in Houston, Texas. Her work explores themes of race, womanhood, and femininity as an African American woman. She works within poetry, painting, printmaking, and installation. Shepherd has exhibited throughout the United States. Her installations and paintings have been featured on episodes of The L Word GQ. She earned an M.F.A. in painting from UCLA in 2018 and a B.F.A. in painting from RISD in 2015. Shepherd is the 2018 UCLA recipient of the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship. She attended residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Frans Masereel Centrum, and was a Visiting Researcher at CAD+SR in Spoleto, Italy.

A person with light skin and short brown hair and mustache wearing a light blue collared shirt stands unsmiling in front of a cream background.

Chris Stiegler

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Chris Stiegler is a writer, art historian, curator, and educator. Working across the academic system, within alternative spaces, and with various publics, Stiegler's practice has a discursive and dialogical aim. Over the last decade this has taken shape as ad-hoc symposia and museum tours with Town Hall Meeting; exhibition design and public engagement with the Institute for American Art; and teaching, lecture series organization, and artworld field studies with Maine College of Art & Design's M.F.A. in studio art program. Many of his projects have explored ideas of performance, queer cultural production, value systems, and — more recently — the tropes of masculine romance. His scholarship has been focused on historiography, criticism of the contemporary, and recent-century art history. Broadly, this work is supported by a devoted attention to American moviemaking, contemporary literature, queer zines, and travel. Stiegler's projects have been presented throughout the United States. He holds twin bachelor's degrees from the University of Delaware in art history and printmaking, and a master's degree in modern art history and connoisseurship from Christie's Education.

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