Minor in Architecture

The minor in architecture has been formulated specifically for those students not enrolled in the Department of Architecture who are interested in complementing their current academic program with an introduction to various facets of architectural studies. Some students may wish to use the Minor in Architecture for Non-Majors as a means of investigating possible graduate studies in architecture. Some may wish to develop architectural specialties within other disciplines.

Students meeting the requirements for this minor should complete a minor form, which is available online or in the architecture department office. This form, when validated by the architecture department, serves as evidence of completion of the minor requirements.

The curriculum for students in the minor in architecture totals 15 credit hours minimum. Grades earned must be C or better in all classes used for minor credit. Distribution requirements for the minor are as follows:

1. Design Studio

List of design studios and credits.
Class Credit Hours
ARCH 1110 Introduction to Architecture: Design StudioDesigned to introduce students to ideas, principles, and methods of solving architectural problems in a studio setting. Through a graduated sequence of exercises culminating in a major semester project, students explore the architectural concepts of space, form, function, and technology. Instruction is via highly personalized critiques of individual student work by assigned department faculty members, as well as periodic reviews of the group by invited faculty and guest critics. The grade is based on the overall performance in the studio with special emphasis on the quality of a major studio project. (summer) or 3 credits
ARCH 1103 Elective Design StudioNon sequence design studio for students who are not architecture majors at Cornell and for department students taking design studio for non-sequence credit. (fall, not offered every year) or 6 credits

2. Visual Representation* (3 credits minimum)

List of visual representation classes and credits.
Class Credit Hours
ARCH 1501 Representation I: Freehand Architectural DrawingIntroduction to freehand drawing as an analytical tool within the design process. (fall) or 3 credits
ARCH 1502 Representation II: Media of RepresentationThe understanding of representational and fabrication techniques as generative tools in the design process. (spring) or 3 credits
Approved visual representation elective 3 credits

3. Architectural History* (3 credit minimum)

List of architectural history classes and credits.
Class Credit Hours
ARCH 1801 History of Architecture IThe history of the built environment as social and cultural expression from the earliest to more recent times. Themes, theories, and ideas in architecture and urban design are explored, beginning with the earliest written records. (fall) or 3 credits
ARCH 1802 History of Architecture IIThe history of the built environment as social and cultural expression from more recent times to the present. Architecture and urban design themes, theories, and ideas are addressed in greater detail leading to the present time. (spring) or 3 credits
Approved architectural history elective 3 credits

4. Any other department classes* (two classes minimum, 6 credits minimum)

* Not all available classes have space for non-majors every time they are offered.

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