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Robert James Eidlitz Fellowship

The Robert James Eidlitz Fellowship, the gift of Sadie Boulton Eidlitz, is available to persons who hold degrees in architecture from Cornell or who are now graduate students in architecture at Cornell. The fellowship's purpose is to supplement the professional training, by foreign travel or in other ways, of those who could not otherwise afford it. The income of the fund may be awarded to one or more candidates.

Application and Information: Robert James Eidlitz Travel Fellowship

Additional fellowships are awarded based on academic performance and financial need. Learn more by visiting our Fellowships and Funding Opportunities page.

Past Eidlitz Award Recipients


  • Jacob Cohen (M.Arch. '17) and Lauren Lochry (M.Arch. '17): Realizing Abstraction: Learning from Architecture and Collage in the New "Post-Digital Era"
  • Charisse Foo (B.Arch. '17) and Yichen Jia (B.Arch. '18): The Art of Memory
  • Aaron Gensler (M.Arch. '14): Architecture in Isolation: Typologies of the Californian High Desert
  • Juan David Grisales (B.Arch. '14): Highlighting the Erasure of an Andean Infrastructure: A Journey Through Abandoned Railways in Colombia
  • Shuping Liu (B.Arch. '14) and Jackie Krasnokutskaya (B.Arch. '14): Trans-Siberian Logbook
  • Dillon Pranger (M.Arch. '15): Melnikov and The Worker's Clubs of Moscow: In Search of an Architectural Language
  • Danny Salamoun (M.Arch. '14): Manicomio: Fear as Social Fabric
  • Sean Steed (B.Arch. '18): From the Landscape to the Line and Back


  • Jessica Jiang (B.Arch. '17) and Helena Rong (B.Arch. '17): Chasing Japan-ness: Japan's Disposable Housing Typology
  • Rachel Kaplan (M.Arch. '14): On Ritual and Resilience: The Communal Houses of the Degar
  • Katie MacDonald (B.Arch. '13) and Kyle Schumann (B.Arch. '13): Edoardo Gellner: The Regional Modernism of an Austro-Italian
  • Chris Ryan (B.Arch. '12): Cubanidad-aptation
  • Sonny Xu (B.Arch. '13) and Joseph Kennedy (B.Arch. '15): Borderline Encounters


  • Alberto Embriz de Salvatierra (B.Arch. '14): Reed Urbanism: Grass Infrastructures in the Floating City of Uros
  • Luke Erickson (M.Arch. '16) and Apexa Patel (M.Arch. '16): Islands of the Dead
  • Cameron Neuhoff (B.Arch. '16) and Daniel Salomon (B.Arch. '11): Architecture, Building, Community: A Modern American Survey
  • Lea Stagno (M.Arch.II '15): Back to Basics: Re-Imagining Indigenous Techniques for a Contemporary Crisis
  • Justin Wadge (B.Arch. '15 ): Baroque Libraries: The Journey to Getting Lost in a Book


  • Thalia Chrousos (B.Arch. '11): Xenia: Realities of Regional Modernism in Greece
  • Juliette Dubroca (M.Arch. '11) and Zachary Tyler Newton (M.Arch. '11): [K]urating the Kura: Documenting a Japanese Vernacular Typology
  • Andrew Hart (M.Arch.II '13): In Search of My Sketchbook, Adventures of an Architect-Errant
  • Jacqueline Liu (B.Arch. '13): Energoprojekts
  • Nicolas Martin (B.Arch. '12 ): Living Iran's Sacred Architecture
  • Konrad Scheffer (M.Arch. '11) and Sarah Haubner (M.Arch. '11): Typology Transfer


  • Juan Carlos Artolozaga (M.Arch. '14): Palladio & Scarpa: An Architectural Reading of Veneto
  • Amanda Huang (B.Arch. '09): Mapping Matatus: The Informal Shaping the Formal
  • Michael Hughes (B.Arch. '09): Tokyo Shift: Negotiating the Low-City and Super-Levee in an Impermanent Context
  • Ann Lui (B.Arch. '10): Grafted Fields: Wrestling Dirt and Data from the Combine CommandCenter
  • Ashley Reed (M.Arch. '11): SkinNY
  • Johann Schweig (B.Arch. '10): Theodor Cron: Peruvian Architecture by a Swiss Architect


  • Austin Beierle (B.Arch. '12), Anton Dekom (B.Arch. '12), and Sebastian Hernandez (B.Arch. '12): Architectures of Aging: The Rickhouse as a Western Typology
  • Ryan Glick (M.Arch. '13): Juxtaposed Urban Architecture
  • Justin Hui (B.Arch. '11): Exactive Urbanism: Understanding China's Expansion in the African Copperbelt
  • Michael Jefferson (M.Arch '12) and Suzanne Lettieri (M.Arch '12): (Post)line
  • Yoonjee Koh (B.Arch. '13): Baths in Japan: From Volcanoes to the Urban Core
  • Michelle Ruby Ray (M.L.A. '14): Ephemeral Islands and Floating Houses: Landscape Futures in the Netherlands


  • Melissa Constantine (M.Arch. '12): Immaterial Labor in the Material City
  • William J. Erhard (B.Arch. '10) and Edith Smith-Williams (B.Arch. '12): Deciphering Vertov's Utopia: Explorations of the former Soviet Metropolis
  • Nathan C. Friedman (B.Arch. '09): Mexican/American Borderlands
  • Huafan Gary He (B.Arch. '09): Floating Gardens — Tracing the Water Cities of Southern China, a diary of urban form
  • Ian Janicki (B.Arch. '12) and Daniel Marino (B.Arch. '12): Re-Visiting the Machine


  • Eric Bernstein (B.Arch. '11), Jeremy Burke (B.Arch. '11), Kirk Finkel (B.Arch. '11), and Michael Lee (B.Arch. '11): The Spherical Book: The Resonant Implications of an Undefined Object upon Berlin and Rome's Urban Semiotics
  • Jacob Brown (M.L.A. '09): From City to Mountain: The Social Landscape of Hiking in South Korea
  • Justine Cheng (B.Arch. '08): New Khmer Architecture: Cambodia's Vanishing Cultural Identity
  • Hugh Hayden (B.Arch. '07): Searching for the Vernacular Architecture of the African Diaspora in the Mississippi Delta Region
  • Kyriaki Kasabalis (B.Arch. '10) and Darius Woo (B.Arch. '11): Vertical Realism: High Density Architecture in China and Westward
  • Tony-Saba Shiber (M.Arch. '11): The Politics of Edge
  • Thena Jean-hee Tak (B.Arch. '09): Hydroscapes: morphologies + synthesis
  • Simon Elder Russell Willet (B.Arch. '06): The Third Force: Between Global and Local in Vietnam


  • Josephine Alcott ('05): The Ancient Water Tanks of Crete
  • Nikole Bouchard (B.Arch. '05): Rising Tides / Changing Lives
  • Cem Sinan Kayatekin (M.Arch. '10): The Misuse and Myth of a Constant Vernacular
  • Adriana Rodriguez-Pliego (B.Arch. '08) and Brian Raby (B.Arch. '07): A Media Luz: The lighting geometries of Barragan and Goeritz
  • Melissa Simonetti (B.Arch. '06): Walking the Camino de Santiago
  • Summer Sutton (B.Arch. '09): The Walls of Fes: Al-Qarawiyyin University and the Veils of Transcendental Space
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