Group Project Wave Element

  • Linshen Xie, M.Arch.II 2017
    Jisoo Sim, B.Arch. 2018
  • Class

    ARCH 8913 Option Studio: Digital Ceramics
  • Instructor

    Jenny Sabin

Wave Element is the melding of computational form generation with the possibilities of the robotic 3D printing of clay, exploring ceramics as a feasible architectural material. The design analyzes a series of base curves, the transformation of which serves as a generative logic in the form of a unit expressed in the global, local, and micro scale. Incorporation of different calibration techniques native to the function of the robot and the manipulation of ceramic material aims to add another layer of information, embedding an element of the extrusion and printing process into the resulting form. The robot arm performs a pivotal role in specifically customizing every piece, redefining the mass production of modular building materials. The aim was to explore the structural possibilities of a ceramic modular unit by adapting it to different structural forms such as that of a wall, column, and arch. The project seeks to challenge the traditional concept of a building block through digital interpretation and robotic production.

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