Virtual Drawing: Virtual Representation in Virtual Reality

headshot of a man with reddish brown hair, a mustache, wearing a blue collared shirt
  • Christopher Morse, M.Arch. 2017
  • Hometown

    Syracuse, New York
  • Class

    ARCH 8912 Independent Design Thesis
  • Instructor

    Jenny Sabin
    Luben Dimcheff

Virtual reality (VR) offers a unique platform for visual representation. As means of communication, drawings frame the ways in which architects think about space. By repositioning the viewer inside a three-dimensional world, VR creates fundamentally new relationships between the body and the drawing and offers the potential for spatial experiences that could not be produced in physical space. Morse's thesis, Virtual Representation in Virtual Reality, uses the framework of language to structure its investigation and seeks to understand the inherent possibilities and biases of VR. It develops a spatial experience that explores how this medium will redefine the way we understand the space we inhabit as well as the presence of our own bodies within that space.

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