Transparency, Analyses

young woman with long hair seated outside a building with windows behind her
  • Hallie Black, B.Arch. 2019
  • Hometown

    Boston, Massachusetts
  • Class

    ARCH 4509 Re-drawing
  • Instructor

    Aleksandr Megold

The visual representation elective, Re-Drawing, focused on reinterpreting archival maps, architectural projections, and perspectival drawings from the Kroch Library. The analysis of several works became their reinterpretation, using celluloid film to layer image to produce a new type of drawing.

The focus on Ithaca guided the research into investigating historical maps, creating new ones, and rendering perspectival images. Maps were altered with new information and then printed, collected, and layered to deconstruct their original use. Moving into the 3D realm, a visual stock of images created several flip books out of a subjective representation of Ithaca via car. The play of motion and layering carried through to the last exercise, in which celluloid prints of Sibley Hall could be rearranged, ghosting in the real versus imaginary.

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