The Symphony

headshot of a young woman with long dark hair wearing a blue shirt standing in front of a screen
  • Evelyn Fung Ka Yin, M.Arch. 2018
  • Hometown

    Hong Kong, China
  • Class

    ARCH 5116 Option Studio: Designing on the Limit
  • Instructor

    Paulo David
    Visiting Critic João Almeida

The Symphony is a music retreat located in Canical, Madeira. Inspired by the harsh landscape of the site, the design focuses on the sectional relationship between the rocks and the ocean. Three sites were chosen for three small interventions. The Piano Capsule is an isolated space located on a small island in the bay. Structurally supported by natural rocks, it is protected from waves and can only be reached by boats. The Flute Tube is a long narrow space embedded in between rocks, cantilevering over the rocky shoreline. The Performance Stage is a huge slanted surface inserted in a cave. Playing with the acts of cutting and folding, this surface is then transformed into various structural components and space dividers, creating opportunities for a large open public space for outdoor concerts and hidden spaces for indoor programs. In this series of spaces for a musical retreat, architecture acts as a mediator, opening the dialogue between human and nature and creating a symphony of wind, waves, and music.

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