Striated Tidal Variance and the Solar Orchestration of an Aquatic Sequence

profile of a young man with dark hair wearing a white shirt standing in front of a picture, with one hand raised to his ear
  • Charles Cupples, M.Arch. 2015
  • Hometown

    Dallas, Texas
  • Class

    ARCH 5114 Core Design Studio IV (spring 2013)
  • Instructor

    Marc Tsurumaki

Remnants of the storm become linear striations of sand, water, and boardwalk interlaced and overlapping, creating interesting habitations of program and interstitial circulation routes that blend class types and allow for a variety of social interactions. The braiding of the reprogrammed environment happens more perpendicular to its original configuration, symbolically linking ameliorative regeneration and movement. Essentially the three defining characteristics of Coney Island, which are sand, wood, and water become reconfigured in a subtle way.

The organizational strategies for these programmatic elements to emerge were derived out of solar angles and the sun's relationship to water.

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