Redirected Flows

headshot of a young woman with dark hair wearing a black tank top standing in front of a painted wall

Redirected Flows is located in Ca Mau, Vietnam, a rapidly urbanizing city in the Mekong Delta. Tasked with addressing the urban potential of a new site intended for development by the city government, the design project culminated in an urban housing proposal. The flows that inspired this proposal are both human and fluid.  Life in Ca Mau has traditionally revolved around water. Because this site has no direct physical connection to the waterway network, it became important to highlight this aspect of traditional life. Rainwater captured by the roof becomes both an aesthetic feature (a water wall) and an environmental feature (irrigation + evaporative cooling + greywater needs). The urban system that facilitates rain water catchment and distribution throughout the building also connects to rain gardens in urban spaces between the blocks.  Through ground infiltration, these rain gardens reconnect the urban water cycles to the river and canal system that exists beyond the site. The urban dweller interaction diagram maps potential moments of exchange and opportunity along individuals' daily paths. These dynamic and intersecting pathway systems were found to be best described by dendritic flow patterns. These diagrams are a study of constructal law, dendritic pathways, and the meeting of various starting points.

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