Group Project Queensway Marketplace

  • Akshali Gandhi , M.R.P. 2015
    Hayden King, M.R.P. 2015
    Huan Liu, M.R.P. 2015
  • Class

    LA 6010 Integrating Theory and Practice I
  • Instructor

    Lecturer Marc Miller

The neighborhoods along the Queensway — an abandoned railroad in Queens, New York — have little access to fresh local food, as shown in the mapping of current farmers' markets and healthy food outlets in New York City. While there are 17 markets in mainland Queens, only one is near the study area. Research shows that an average carrot will typically travel at least 1,800 miles from farm to plate, whereas locally and regionally sourced produce at GrowNYC Greenmarkets comes from within an average of 90 miles. Slow Food is an indicator of a stronger local economy, as locally owned retailers, such as markets, return three times as much of their sales to the local economy compared to chain competitors.

The team chose to imagine the Queensway as a local food destination, promoting the idea of slow food and slow movement. In doing so, the design for the Queensway Marketplace also provides numerous diversions and recreational activities along the way to create a vibrant pedestrian hub through the use of a traveling farmers' markets and other programming.

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