Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Vainest Of Them All?

Woman with long black hair.
  • Isabel Branas Jarque, M.Arch. 2020
  • Hometown

    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Class

    ARCH 5116 Option Studio VI: Commons in a Rural Dream
  • Instructor

    Sam Chermayeff

At many points in US History, it appeared that the resources available could, without much intervention, provide for all. The American dream was a real thing, and it still is. But if we accept that automation is taking over, it's not going to happen through hard work in the next iteration. In a world with Universal Basic Income, the need to live in cities would likely become obsolete, and therefore, communities would distribute amongst the rural landscape. 

What would people do in a world without work? My world anticipates a time post social media and "influencer," where the artist, the performer, and the influencer bond over their vanity. The current desire to share our daily lives is spatialized by blurring the boundaries between public and private. The programs welcome indulgence and the pursuit of our best self. The architecture embraces community and celebrates vanity by exposing modern living. 

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