Group Project I'd Like to Be, Under the Sea

  • Xiaoxue (Iris) Ma, M.Arch. 2020
    Po-Yen Hsieh, M.Arch. 2020
  • Class

    ARCH 5113 Core Design III: Parametric Design
  • Instructor

    Martin Miller
    Peter Stec

Through a series of focused investigations in building an ideal beam, an ideal daylight device, and an ideal vault, the initial studies of the project pursue an optimized system that simultaneously accommodates lighting control, structural support, and enclosure. Parametric tools are developed in the process to evaluate and iterate over design options. Exuberant and corally, the final project features an Ocean Plastic Research Center that resides in a valley at the edge of Balboa Park, downtown San Diego. The project serves as a portal to the park, a collaboration space for the scientists, and an educational facility for the public.

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