Group Project Housing+

  • Luke Erickson , M.Arch. 2016
    Yongxiao Liu , M.Arch. 2016
  • Class

    ARCH 5115 Core Design Studio V: Expanded Practices / ARCH 5101 Design IX: Option Studio
  • Instructor

    Lily Chi
    Jeremy Foster

Utilizing the theories behind Peri-Urbanism and Desakota, Housing+ satisfies the need for large-scale housing increase in Ca Mau, Vietnam, while incorporating existing agricultural and commercial practices through infrastructural improvements. Housing+ intends to foster existing Vietnamese practices and culture while guiding the modernization needed for massive growth. The three components of agriculture, commercial, and infrastructure work together and retain the ability to be incorporated in many different configurations according to the existing site conditions. Reconfigurable schematics for agriculturally-based houses plug into the markets of larger scale commercial blocks, and also benefit from a relationship to infrastructural housing's proximity and connection with canals and highways. Commercial housing blocks profit from the view over picturesque landscapes and the roadways relating to the infrastructural housing. Further, the infrastructural housing satisfies the need for temporary worker housing and the shipment of goods in and out of Ca Mau.

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