Group Project Design Connect: Lodi Library Landscape Plan

  • Brian Byun, B.S. URS 2019
    Alice Rayner, B.S. URS 2019
    Kyle Sitzman, 2017
    Alice Sturm, 2017
    Dylan Tuttle, M.R.P. 2017
  • Instructor

    Michael Tomlan

The Lodi Design Connect team worked with the library Board of Trustees to create a landscape plan for the new Lodi Whittier Library that is sustainable, attractive, and low maintenance, while reflecting and enhancing the library's purpose in the community. The spring 2016 Lodi team created a landscape design, technical planting plan, photoshop renderings, and complete source and cost-estimate information for the soon-to-be-constructed new public library. The project is scheduled to be completed in spring 2017.

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