Deforming Modularity

This series of projects draws its idea from the character of birds and materiality and were developed from a sphere and an installation to a pavilion. Pigeons keep their head in a standardized line while their bodies are moving when they are walking. Following the rules of the movement of pigeons, the main concept started with modularity and introduced a series of deformations based on a basic module.

The final project is located at the water dam of Beebe Lake. The project considers the dam as a datum and sets itself as an extension of the dam. It consists of a series of units based on a modular form. The deformation within the modules stems from an element of the Gothic church, which is a favorable site for pigeon clusters. The density of the module varies from loose to dense while the scale varies from big to small. The modular variety provides accessibilities for both human and pigeons as an interactive pavilion.

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