History of Architecture and Urbanism Society

The History of Architecture and Urbanism Society (HAUS) consists of students in the History of Architecture and Urban Development (HAUD) Ph.D. program. HAUS coordinates a variety of events, including lecture series, film series, symposia, and field trips.

For several years, HAUS has coordinated "Under Construction," a lecture series in which HAUD students and visiting scholars from related disciplines present works in progress. During the 2009–10 academic year, HAUS presented a film series, Playing House: Films of Dwelling and Domestication, and conducted a field trip to Buffalo, New York.

In fall 2011, HAUS organized "Producing Publics: Architecture and Social Space," a graduate student symposium examining relationships between historic conceptions of the public and the production of the built environment. Students from an international range of graduate programs presented original research, and invited respondents provided commentary. Keynote speaker Iain Borden, professor of architecture and urban culture and vice-dean for communications for the Faculty of the Built Environment at the Bartlett School of Architecture-University College London, presented "From Skateboards to Automobiles: Producing Social Space at Speed.”

During 2012–13, HAUS developed intellectual exchanges with other Ph.D. programs at McGill University in Montreal and the Bartlett School at University College London. Future projects include an architectural history and theory reading group for students throughout the Department of Architecture and AAP, as well as a continuation of "Under Construction."

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in HAUS events and activities, please contact the current HAUS president, Athanasiou Geolas at ajg355@cornell.edu.