Viviana Andriola

Viviana Andriola is an urban planner who specializes in urban and regional policies. Since 2008, she has engaged in research and educational and professional practices in universities and consulting companies in the field of urban policies and local development. Since 2012, she has worked with Cornell in Rome as a teaching associate in the Rome Workshop (Department of City and Regional Planning). She also sits on the editorial board of UrbanisticaTre. In 2015, she cofounded GU | Generazione Urbana, an independent research team aimed at promoting the diffusion of the culture of urban dynamics. Andriola holds a Ph.D.

Classes (Selected)

  • CRP 4160 Rome WorkshopThis course focuses on the city as a system through the analysis of (1) a set of neighborhoods and (2) issues affecting these neighborhoods. We will consider the relationship of these neighborhoods and issues to the functioning of the contemporary city of Rome and the wellbeing of its residents. This course will emphasize fieldwork and experiential learning that is supported with readings, class discussions and lectures. Field activities will take place during scheduled class times plus supplemental hours that are scheduled informally for an average of 12 hours per week, in addition to time spent on reading, writing, and the field trips.

Publications (Selected)

  • "Planning for all generations," eds. Andriola V., Muccitelli S., iQuaderni di Urbanistica Tre 15 (2017).
  • "Urban consciousness. The evidence of a lack," eds. Andriola V., Muccitelli S., Vazzoler N., iQuaderni di UrbanisticaTre 8 (2016) 
  • "Il progetto pilota di Riano come occasione d’apprendimento," in "Inclusione fragile. Migrazione nei piccoli comuni del Lazio," eds. Andriola V., Fioretti C., iQuaderni di UrbanisticaTre 11 (2016)   
  • Andriola V., Vazzoler N., "Venticinque sguardi sulla Roma del futuro/Twenty-five gazes on the future city of Rome," in ROMA 20-25 Nuovi cicli di vita della metropoli – New life cycles for the metropolis, eds. Ciorra P., Garofalo F., Rossi P.O.  (Quodlibet, 2015) 
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