Brandon Andow

Brandon Andow is an environmental specialist at Front, Inc. working on the design, analysis, and implementation of high-performance facade systems to reduce the energy use of buildings while improving indoor environmental quality for occupants with a focus on dynamic glazing and daylighting. His past research at the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology at Rensselaer involved the development of novel multifunctional dynamic glazing materials and solar responsive facade systems. This research included the co-modeling of complex fenestration systems' impact on daylighting, visual comfort, and building energy use, along with the development of switchable transparency micro- and nano-structured materials for solar control and energy harvesting. Prior to graduate research Andow worked in New York City renovating existing buildings and facades, taught architecture studio and drawing courses at Parsons School of Design, and spent a season in Antarctica repairing buildings at McMurdo station. He received his Ph.D. in architectural science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2015 and his B.Arch. from RISD in 2004.

Classes (Selected)

  • ARCH 5616 Environmental Systems II: Building Dynamics

Publications (Selected)

  • Andow, B. C., A. V. Thomas, S. Suresh, E. Osman, J. Yin, A. H. Dyson, and N. Koratkar, "Controlled Crumpling of Graphene Oxide Films for Tunable Optical Transmittance," Advanced Materials 27, no. 21, 3256–265 (2015)
  • Andow, B.C., B. Krietemeyer, P.R.H. Stark, and A.H. Dyson, "Performance criteria for dynamic window systems using nanostructured behaviors for energy harvesting and environmental comfort," in Proc. SPIE 8692 Smart Structures/NDE, eds. J.P. Lynch, C.B. Yun, and K.W. Wang, (Bellingham, WA: Proceedings of SPIE, 2013)
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