Isabel Boggs-Fernandez

Isabel Fernández Vera, a.k.a. Isabel Boggs-Fernández, is a Landscape Architect/Urban Designer with 20 years of combined academic and professional practice. She cofounded KornerLot Design + Development LLC, a creative collaborative that allows her and partner Zac Boggs to live intentionally a self-employment lifestyle where their passion for design is at the center of it all. They work at various design scales, exercising and playing off each other's diverse strengths and skill sets. Furthermore, they test the market viability of their landscapes, structures, interiors, and even wood slab tables as they engage in micro real estate development. Additionally, Boggs-Fernández is finalizing the translation to Spanish of their forthcoming book 78 Plazas; coteaching Graphic Communication, a class designed for the Planning Department at Cornell University with an emphasis in planning graphics; super hosting via Airbnb and; and creating their new venture Ithaca Lights, a lighting store and more.  

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  • CRP 5861 Graphic CommunicationsThis course focuses on the fundamentals of graphic communication and planning industry standard computer programs such as: Google Earth, Auto CAD, SketchUp, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign via exercises related to physical planning and urban design. Enhance your ability to compose images and text, utilize color pallets, fonts and create design layouts in order to deliver effective and successful presentations. This course is designed for mature undergraduate and graduate students in urban planning, landscape architecture, real estate and related fields, who desire to possess a competitive edge when applying for jobs and/or participate in multi-disciplinary design competitions, and/or wish to learn how to communicate ideas in a clear and appealing way to a diversity of audiences. The concepts learned in the course will be developed through laboratory work and evolved via the production of in class exercises, collective knowledge development assignments, and a final board presentation.
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