Christopher A. Battaglia

Christopher A. Battaglia was formally the Design and Innovation Fellow/Associate Research Professor at Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning, researching various robotic concrete fabrication methods, heavy timber construction, and structural optimization techniques. Battaglia's work looks at the intersection of material handcraft through the lens of digital tools and experimental processes. Battaglia teaches studios and seminars focused on architectural design-build projects at the intersection of computation and robotics while collaborating with industrial partners. He currently is the cofounder of BIA Robotics and a Design Collaborator at NADAAA.

Academic Research/Specialty Areas

  • Architectural technology
  • Digital fabrication and material research
  • Computational structures in robotic construction

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Classes (Selected)

  • Arch 5112 Core Design Studio II Problem, Response, Architecture: Computing the Worlds "Wicked Problems"
  • Arch 4605/6605 Semi-Automated Casting: Design Research in Formwork. Reinforcement, Robots, and Cobots
  • Arch 4012/5116/8913 Timber Villa: Architectural Research in Robotic Building Construction
  • Arch 1101 Design I
  • Arch 1102 Design II

Awards, Grants, and Fellowships (Selected)

  • Design Innovation Fellow, Ball State University
  • University Design Research Fellow, Exhibit Columbus 2018
  • Outstanding Creative Endeavor Award. Ball State University
  • ARUP Best Workshop Runner Up: ROB|Arch 2018
  • AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit

Exhibitions and Presentations (Selected)

  • Exhibit Columbus: Exhibition of DE|Stress Concrete 3D Printed Pavilion
  • Detail | Perception | Analogy: Case Studies Exhibition
  • Objectile Anthenaium's: Design Research in Concrete 3D Printing

Publications (Selected)

  • "Print-Cast Concrete: Additive Manufacturing for 3D Printed Mortar in Robotically Fabricated Green Sand Molds" (w/Martin F. Miller, Dr. Kho P. Verian), Digital Concrete (2020)
  • "Sub-Additive 3D Printing of Optimized Double Curved Concrete Lattice Thin Shell Structures" (w/Martin F. Miller, Sasa Zivkovic), ROB|Arch (2018)
  • "Rough Pass Extrusion Tooling: CNC Post-Processing of 3D Printing Concrete Lattice Structures" (w/Sasa Zivkovic), ACADIA 2018: Recalibrating on Imprecision and Infidelity
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