Tina Lam: Entanglement Emerging

Cream textured background with seafoam green honeycomb grid pattern beneath it.

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In the grand cosmic dance of waves, oscillations vacillate at times to create, at times to destroy, but the question remains always: what is the origin of singular events? Though perhaps you may answer with a chuckle that every instance of existence is unique. This M.F.A. thesis exhibition showcases Dr. Tina Lam's recent experimentations with transformed matter sourced from the fundamental constituents of the Earth's core and soil — biomass, minerals, and ores. Embodied in sculptural forms, this exhibition explores the potential that dwells in the recesses of the unknown via processes of transformation, of the haptic and the hybrid. 

Entanglement Emerging is the thesis exhibition for Tina Lam (M.F.A. '22).

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