Jan de Vylder: Universum Carrousel Journey

Gensler Visiting Critic Lecture

This talk was live-streamed on March 18, 2020, and cosponsored by AAP, Harvard GSAPP, and The Cooper Union.

Gensler Visiting Critic Jan de Vylder and Inge Vinck are cofounders of Jan de Vylder Architects (2008), Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu (2010), and most recently, of Architecten Jan de Vylder Inge Vinck (A JDVIV).

A JDVIV explores ideas launched at ETH Zurich in the studio series titled Universum Carrousel Journey (UCJ): Universum as a world to be created. Carrousel as ever ongoing. Journey as an exploration. 

A JDVIV/UCJ is a multidisciplinary practice in which making and thinking are deeply embedded. New horizons are being explored internationally and in research, and profound positions are being taken, both in the firm's interest in drawing and also in debating the essence of urgency today.

In these different constellations, de Vylder and Vinck have realized several projects in Belgium and abroad, ranging from small projects for individual clients to large projects for public clients or private investors. Their projects have had diverse characteristics, ranging from a house to a university campus or public commission. The projects are obtained through competitions, selections, or direct commission.

Among these projects is Les Ballets C de la B and LOD, which was a breakthrough in scale that allowed the firm to test its views on architecture on a larger scale and on the complexity of the historic city. For the Urban Development Companies AG SOB and Vespa, for the cities of Ghent and Antwerp respectively, various projects were drawn. For the city of Antwerp, a housing project titled Cadix in the new city district of Eilandje has been delivered. After winning a 2016 competition from the city of Charleroi and their urban development company Intercommunale pour la Gestion et la Réalisation d'Etudes Techniques et Economiques, the renovation and restoration of the 60,000 square-meter site, Palais des Expo, recently began.

In the Netherlands, a housing project situated in the historical center of Amersfoort is also complete.

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