Jan De Vylder

Jan De Vylder and Inge Vinck are cofounders of jan de vylder architecten (2008), architecten de vylder vinck taillieu (2010), and most recently, of architecten jan de vylder inge vinck (A JDVIV).

A JDVIV explores ideas launched at ETH Zurich in the studio series titled Universum Carrousel Journey (UCJ): Universum as a world to be created. Carrousel as ever ongoing. Journey as an exploration.

A JDVIV/UCJ is a multidisciplinary practice in which making and thinking are deeply embedded. New horizons are being explored internationally and in research, and profound positions are being taken, both in the firm's interest in drawing and also in debating the essence of urgency today.

Academic Research/Specialty Areas

  • Adaptive reuse
  • Architectural design
  • Architectural practice¬†
  • Collaborative practice
  • Community-based planning and development
  • Drawing
  • Historic preservation planning
  • Housing
  • Installation art
  • Interdisciplinary art
  • Painting
  • Participatory and collaborative planning
  • Photography
  • Planning history
  • Public art
  • Real estate development
  • Sculpture

Related News

Classes (Selected)

  • ARCH 4101/4102/5101/5116/7113 Universum Carrousel Journey: Re-Practice Prac-Teach: A Method Making Meaning Meandering


Awards, Grants, and Fellowships (Selected)

  • Leone D'Argento La Biennale Di Venezia (It/Eu) (2018)
  • Henry Van DE Velde Award (Be/Eu) (2018)
  • Mies Van Der Rohe Award - European Price for Architecture - several nominations and finalist in 2019 (Sp/Eu)
  • Schelling Architektur Preise (De/Eu) (2016)
  • Eth Zurich D-Arch I.E.A. - Jan De Vylder - Universum Carrousel Journey

Exhibitions and Presentations (Selected)

  • La Biennale Di Venezia (It/Eu), Unless Ever People (2018)
  • La Biennale Di Venezia (It/Eu), Bravoure Scarcity Beauty (2016)
  • Eth Z / Gta-Exhibitions (Ch), Carrousel (2015)

Publications (Selected)

  • Variete / Architecture / Desire, Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Tokyo, Japan (Toto Publishers, 2019)
  • 3 Boek 7 8 9, including 1. Re 2g N.66 13 Ii 2. 13 DE Aedibus International Quart Verlag 3; A+U 17:06 561 Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu (2017)
  • Unless Ever People, Flanders Architecture Institute
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