Jenny Zhang and Oscar Llodra: THEM

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Two silhouette faces point toward each other, with a beam of light in between them.

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Created by Jenny Zhang (B.Arch. '23) and Oscar Llodra (B.Arch. '24), THEM situates the visitor between two characters in a spatial, immersive screening, utilizing a fictional story to display and reconstruct the biases people hold against each other.

When communication, empathy, and open-mindedness fail, our social and professional lives do as well. As students at Cornell, Zhang and Llodra know that collaborating with those who hold different identities allows for new opportunity, insight, and discovery; however, so often, group goals go by the wayside when students let their implicit biases and stereotypes about themselves and others filter the way they communicate. Zhang and Llodra both experience this phenomenon as individuals highly engaged in the Bachelor of Architecture program and the Performing and Media Arts film department, where communicating your vision is the starting point for every project. THEM looks to bridge these two mediums in an exploration of how humans view and interact with others.

Funded by the Cornell Council for the Arts.

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