Hana Cruz: Remystification

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A painting of a person in shades of purple with closed eyes and long eyelashes pointed downwards, against a dark blue background with white stars. The tips of feathered wings are just visible at the bottom of the painting.

Angel, oil on canvas, 6'x2'. image / provided

Exhibition Abstract

Remystification is a visual exploration of personal mythology. The work is the manifestation of a secular spiritual system that utilizes symbology unique to the life of the practitioner. It pulls inspiration from religious imagery, iconography, and architecture to personalize a spiritual system which fulfills the needs of the individual with the familiar visual language of larger human religious practices across time and cultures. These ideas are explored through drawings, paintings, risograph prints, sculptures, and stained glass, to provide both imagery and tangible objects that are spiritually charged.

Exhibitor Biography

Hana Cruz (B.F.A. '25) is a third-year B.F.A student whose artistic practice is centered around her personal mythology — a combination of religious experience, influence from ancient and contemporary spiritual art, and symbology that has grown from her life experiences. She works in painting, photography, and printmaking, and her most recent endeavor is learning how to make stained glass, which allegedly has never been done in AAP before now!

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