David Nasca: Midnight Zone

This event has passed.

Light pink jellyfish creature with a spiral dark orange middle piece against a dark blue background with small white dots.

Enypniastes photographed in the Sulawesi Sea. photo / provided

Midnight Zone is an exhibition of sculpture by David Nasca (M.F.A. '22) based on hydrothermal vent communities and the deep sea as a metaphor for queer identities and communities. Midnight Zone will feature sculptures that reference the beautiful, grotesque and perfectly adapted organisms that thrive in the hostile environment of the deep ocean. Design cues will be taken from the queer underground nightlife, leather and lights, sound and silicone, volume and vinyl will come together to create an immersive installation that takes viewers to the bottom of the ocean and to the back room at a disco.

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum is available to Cornell students, faculty, and staff authorized to be on campus. Please call to make an appointment to view the exhibition at (607) 255-6464, and use the side entrance (Gussman Wing) to enter the museum; the main entrance (Appel Lobby) is closed due to construction.

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