Erin Giombetti and Isabel Padilla Bonelli: Colorful Nonsense

Bright blue background with a white sketched fridge and the words colorful nonsense written in different colors.

Colorful Nonsense (2022) mixed media. image/provided

The works curated for Colorful Nonsense are created as a form of exaggerated and whimsical "homemaking"; recreating our nostalgic spaces and objects and transposing them into a new "home" within the gallery space. Our exhibition aims to create a fanciful microenvironment that welcomes the participant into a home of our own creation; a place where one can lie down, play, touch, and connect with the practices of familiarity.

Colorful Nonsense features work by Erin Giombetti (B.F.A. '23) and Isabel Padilla Bonelli (B.F.A. '23).

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