September 2, 2021

AAP Welcomes New Staff Who Stepped In as Challenges Stepped Up

The College of Architecture, Art, and Planning recognizes nine new and recent staff members who stepped into a wide variety of roles during the months since the pandemic began.

by Patti Witten

Photo: William Staffeld / AAP

Remote learning, suspension of operations, keeping the home fires burning, and returning to campus have marked the months since March 2020. Despite these challenges, a talented and dedicated group of individuals has proactively stepped into a wide variety of staff positions in the college.


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William Staffeld / AAP

Alix de Torquat

Director of the Office of Communications

In August 2020, Alix de Torquat came on as Director of the Office of Communications with more than 16 years of experience launching new initiatives in the art world at Art Basel and Sotheby's. Alix works closely with AAP units, departments, and Cornell Central to increase the college's visibility and to promote research and work from the AAP community to existing and new audiences.

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Jessica del Mundo

Associate Director Alumni Affairs and Development

Jessica del Mundo returned to AAD as the Associate Director of Alumni Affairs and Development in April 2020, from the College of Arts & Sciences. She works with AAP alumni and our community to strengthen the college through philanthropy, engagement, and key partnerships.

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Latesha Fussell

AAP Director of Diversity & Inclusion

In March, Latesha Fussell stepped into the new position of AAP Director of Diversity & Inclusion from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. Latesha supports the recruitment, retention, success, and wellbeing of students of color, first-generation students, and students from other historically underrepresented backgrounds. She also helps students find resources, programs, and offices across Cornell related to diversity and inclusion, success, and wellbeing.

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William Staffeld / AAP

Philip Rubin

Facilities Assistant

Philip Rubin joined the staff this summer from Virginia, where he was a contractor for the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Previously, he was a glassblower and metal fabricator for a New Jersey-based nonprofit art and cultural center. He brings a focus on creative problem-solving in the physical world and looks forward to applying his skills at AAP.

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Kendra Saldana

Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs and Development

Kendra Saldana joined the AAD team in February 2020, a short time before the college began remote instruction. Before coming to AAP, she was the associate director of student and young alumni giving for Cornell Annual Giving programs. Her focus is communications and engagement for our alumni community.

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Seetha Vinayagam

Facilities Assistant

Seetha Vinayagam came to AAP Facilities from Ithaca College where he worked as a facilities attendant. He also worked in an IT department updating modules and writing code for testing the college's website. His key skills include adaptability and a strong work ethic.

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William Staffeld / AAP

Adrienne Wilson

College Registrar, Office of Student Services

This summer, Student Services welcomed back Adrienne Wilson as the College Registrar. Adrienne returns to the position she held from 2016 to 2019 from the University of New Brunswick, where she was a student services and awards and scholarships officer. She had previously worked at Cornell for 12 years and graduated from Cornell as well.

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Amy Yanosh

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Amy Yanosh joined the Office of the Dean in August 2020 from the Boyce Thompson Institute, bringing dedication and a positive, can-do work ethic to her new role of providing executive-level support to the Dean and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. She works to ensure that activities and initiatives are carried out smoothly and serves as a primary point of contact to facilitate communication and collaboration among multiple constituents within AAP, Cornell, and beyond.

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Jobé Zulu

Assistant Director of Student Services

Assistant Director of Student Services Jobé Zulu came to AAP this summer from Wells College where he was Coordinator of Student Outreach and Support. He has a background in sports management and he has been a youth program leader in the College Discovery Program in Ithaca. At AAP, Jobé helps students manage challenges they face to achieve success and wellness while building relationships through open-minded conversation.

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