Department of Art Exhibition Application

Please read all of the rules and guidelines before completing the application located at the bottom of this page.

Statement of Rules and Guidelines

General information

The Tjaden galleries are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any questions, comments, or suggestions should be addressed to the administrative office in the Department of Art at 224 Tjaden Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853, (607) 255-3558.

Exhibitors must use the premises solely for the purpose of exhibiting work unless other arrangements are made with the art office prior to the exhibition dates. Exhibitors agree not to use the gallery for any disorderly or unlawful purpose.

Exhibitors may not transfer this space to any other person or entity without first obtaining the written consent of the Department of Art.

Under no circumstances is alcohol to be served in the Tjaden galleries.

At the end of the exhibition period, the exhibitor must work with the gallery assistant to return the gallery to the same condition as at the beginning of the exhibition term, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Example: if an exhibitor chooses to paint the walls, he or she is responsible for repainting them after the exhibit with the appropriate gallery paint. Additionally, the exhibitor will be responsible for any damage to the premises and agrees to pay the cost of repair. Exhibitors may not repair any part of the gallery without prior permission of the art office.

Finally, exhibitors are encouraged to consider carefully the gallery's suitability to their exhibits with particular consideration given to safety, installation procedures, and to the space itself.


The galleries' primary responsibility is to preserve the works of art entrusted to its care and to provide a safe environment for all persons who visit the gallery. Any person or persons whose behavior threatens or appears to threaten the gallery or the exhibits will be asked to leave the building. Additionally, the gallery will not allow exhibitors to install exhibits that threaten the safety of gallery visitors or building, contain hazardous materials, or violate environmental health and safety regulations. Any exhibitor who has questions or concerns regarding the safety of his/her exhibit is encouraged to speak with the art office prior to installation.

Exhibitors must comply with federal, state, or local laws, orders, or regulations and with university rules and policies, and with any lawful direction of Cornell University Police and Environmental Safety. Exhibitors must also obtain any necessary permits. The Olive Tjaden Gallery Committee or its designee(s) reserve(s) the right to oversee any event.

Exhibitors may not block any entrances, exits, or fire escapes. All doorways must remain completely unobstructed at all times. In both galleries, no work may be suspended from the ceiling, ceiling sprinkler heads, lights, or light tracks, or attached to the floors. Finally, members of the Cornell community must be allowed to pass through the premises at all times, excluding the aforementioned times when the gallery is closed.


Receptions are held the Tuesday or Wednesday of your exhibition. Exhibitors may not sponsor a party or a reception or serve food or drink without prior approval from the art office.

Under no circumstances is alcohol to be served in the Tjaden galleries.

Smoking is not permitted in the gallery at any time.

Installation procedures

Exhibitors may not mark, paint, drill into, hammer, apply adhesive material, or in any way deface or alter any part of the gallery or gallery equipment without the express permission of the art office. All furniture, pedestals, monitors, technology, cords, tools, gallery-provided supplies, light bulbs and fixtures, chairs, and fabric material scraps must remain in the gallery at all times and may be moved only within the confines of the gallery under the supervision of the art office and in compliance with the following procedures:

  • All plans for painting, hanging, surface alterations etc. must be discussed with the gallery assistant prior to the hanging of a show.
  • No adhesives may be used on the walls, floor, windows, or gallery surfaces (including tape, foam mounting squares, glue, etc.).
  • No fixatives, spray paint, or noxious chemical are permitted in the gallery due to ventilation concerns.
  • All exhibit pieces are expected to be finished completely and the gallery to be clean and presentable by exhibition opening time (typically by Monday at 8 a.m.).
  • Exhibitor must keep doors locked, tool closets locked, and gallery lights turned completely off when not present during after-hours and on weekends.
  • Keys to the gallery or tool closets must not be shared or left unattended and must be returned immediately to 224 Tjaden Hall following the takedown of the exhibition.


The gallery assistant will be responsible for adjusting the lighting for each show. The lights will only be adjusted by the gallery assistant. Should a light be moved or broken by the exhibitor, the exhibitor will be responsible for the cost of replacing the light.


All exhibition materials should be removed from the gallery on the day agreed upon at a time scheduled with the gallery assistant and/or art office. Any items left at the end of a show will be disposed of immediately. The gallery must be left in the same condition that it was received — gallery tools and supplies must be returned to their closets, and any damages to the gallery must be repaired under the supervision of the gallery assistant and/or art office. Keys to the gallery and tool closets must be returned promptly after the exhibit is taken down.


The Olive Tjaden Gallery and Experimental Gallery are authorized to photograph, sketch, or reproduce in any media any object covered by this statement for documentary and educational purposes, for reproduction in a college newsletter, or in publicity related to the exhibition, unless other arrangements between the exhibitor and the art office have been agreed upon in writing prior to the time of exhibition. Cornell faculty, staff, students, and the general public may photograph works in an exhibition for noncommercial use.

Cancellation policy

Should the exhibitor fail to comply with any conditions documented above — whether express or implied — or should the art office or gallery committee reasonably believe that such has occurred or is likely to occur, the art office or department may take possession of the gallery without notice, terminating the exhibitor's use of the gallery. In this event, the exhibitor remains liable for any and all damages or deficiencies.

Gallery Application Form

Include the names of all exhibitors, their degree program (B.F.A., M.F.A., etc.), and graduation year.
Provide the name(s) of your faculty sponsor(s).
Check the gallery in which you would prefer to exhibit:
List three weeks for preferred exhibition dates (exhibits in Tjaden Hall Galleries are on display for one week each, Monday-Friday).
Briefly describe what materials will be used in your exhibition. Indicate any mounting hardware, use of paint, signage, projections, pedestals, and how the work will generally be displayed.
Indicate if you plan to use pedestals, and if so how many and approximate sizes:
Indicate approximately how many feet of linear wall space you will use:
Indicate approximately how many feet of floor space or percentage of the gallery you plan to use:
State, in clear list format, all sources of funding for this exhibition. (i.e. "CCA Grant = $2,500").
Add a written description of your proposed exhibition. This should be approximately a 500-word narrative describing the exhibition, the artistic merit, and importance to the college or larger community. Please also include details on presentation and how you will use the specific gallery that you are requesting.
Upload between 3 and 8 images in a single PDF of the work that will be included in the exhibition.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Resume/CV Upload
Upload a PDF of your resume or CV.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Sketch of Gallery Layout
Please create a sketch over the gallery layout detailing where you will arrange the exhibition elements (red pen is preferable). Please indicate floor space use, pedestals, wall use, projection displays, use of LCD monitors, and anything else applicable. Here are links to floor plans of the Experimental Gallery and the Olive Tjaden Gallery.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png psd pdf.
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