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[Music] architecture allows for imagination and it's really inspiring because you're allowed to express yourself this is a remarkable program since I was a little boy I always done sketches of mansions and my sketchbook and this was an opportunity for me to you know see if this is something that I wanted to do if I have the ability to do it is it something that I see myself doing for the rest of my life the scholarship program is really great because the program should be really available to as many people as possible I was gonna be job shadowing an architect over the summer but I was a scholarship although I would have been around an architect I wouldn't have been able to put in the time the dedication the effort to see if I really like this for myself it first is a challenge I'm not gonna lie I was scared I'm like what if I'm not good enough no I definitely want to continue architecture here at Cornell I got here and I was like okay this is simple and then as we progress things got a little more challenging but the professors are very friendly and they're also very helpful they give you the chance to explain yourself and they'll go over it with you multiple occasions until you're understanding what's happening and they give pretty great lectures as well I'm new to this but I think that we really have some renowned people teaching us that have the ability to make things simple not so simple that they're not thinking but enough that we grasp the concept and you are able to grow upon it which is really truly learning we started with a cube and now we've jumped to tools they show you a little bit but they don't just take it away as soon as you get it they make sure you have it gradually integrating it into every other thing you do one of the most important things I think I've learned in the program would have to be how to think of space how you can move through space the levels the structures the amount of light that interacts with it and I think that this is a very powerful study this program showing me that even if I don't stick strictly with being the architect there's other options because having an architecture degree is so fruitful the education actually prepares you to creatively deal with situations no matter where they come from one of my former graduates is vice president at General Motors working on how to streamline production he learned that dealing with systems here in architecture I've learned that as long as I believe in myself I can do anything and that's very powerful especially in a college setting I feel like it's helping me so when I do go to actual college that I'm ready and I'm prepared for the things I'm gonna have to face the Cornell future architect award provides full funding for the Cornell University introduction to architecture summer program this includes the program application fee tuition housing accommodations in a Cornell residence hall meal plan and architecture supply kit and round-trip transportation to Ithaca New York [Music]

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About the Cornell Future Architect Award

The College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) at Cornell University invites students from historically underrepresented backgrounds who may be interested in pursuing a degree or career in architecture to apply for the Cornell Future Architect Award (CFAA). Recipients can attend the Introduction to Architecture Summer Program on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, New York, at no cost.

The CFAA is a merit-based award specifically designed for students who have shown an interest in and a talent for design and architecture, and may not otherwise be able to attend a summer program. Participating in a summer program provides high school students with exposure to the rigors of a professional bachelor of architecture degree program and helps them to prepare elements of a competitive portfolio for application to design-based programs.

The CFAA was established in 2016 with seed funding from Bill '69 and Catherine Perez. Thanks to the generosity of several firms, alumni, and friends, we currently offer nine scholarships per year. These scholarships include:

  • Winston Perez Ventura Cornell Future Architect Award, funded by Matthew (B.Arch. '79) and Lizanne Witte
  • KPF Cornell Future Architect Award
  • Perkins+Will Cornell Future Architect Award
  • FXCollaborative Cornell Future Architect Award
  • 450 Architects Cornell Future Architect Award, funded by Richard Parker (B.Arch. '84)
  • Jessica and Natan Bibliowicz Cornell Future Architect Award, funded by Jessica '81 and Natan (B.Arch. '81) Bibliowicz
  • Adamson Family Cornell Future Architect Award, funded by Michael and Kumi Adamson

What impact can a summer program have on a student's path? Mark Hill, a successful architect, graduate of the summer program, and alumnus of Cornell AAP, has this to say: "I am often asked what inspired me to become an architect. It was my guidance counselor who suggested that I attend the Cornell summer architecture program after my junior year in high school. I had never experienced creativity like that before, and I finished that summer with a new confidence and, more importantly, a portfolio that I used in all my college applications. Five years later received my professional architecture degree from Cornell — and it all began with the summer program."

How to Apply

The application process includes:

  • An online application form
  • Three short application essays (250 words or less)
  • Official high school transcript and current grade report
  • Teacher/guidance counselor recommendation
  • SAT/ACT scores (if available)

The application fee has been waived for CFAA applicants from AAP partnership institutions.* Applicants should use the code "SCMISC" in all caps on page 12 of the online application.

Applications are due by March 1.

*AAP partnership institutions include ACE Chicago, The Beacon School, Brooklyn Technical High School, City Polytechnic High School of Engineering, High School of Art and Design, and University of Michigan Architecture Prep.


Richardson talking with student after reviews in Milstein Hall dome, work pinned all around the dome.

Students, parents, and faculty socializing after final review in the Milstein Hall dome.

About the Introduction to Architecture Summer Program for High School and College Students

The Cornell Introduction to Architecture Summer Program is centered on the architecture design studio, which is held in the afternoon and puts into practice information learned in morning lectures and integrated workshops.

The studio is taught by Cornell Department of Architecture faculty members and recent graduates of Cornell's esteemed bachelor's and master's programs, and also incorporates periodic reviews by invited faculty and guest critics. Individual instruction and regular progress reviews prepare students for a final project presentation. Weekly field trips to local architecture firms and access to campus amenities round out the unforgettable summer experience.

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