Group Project Villa Gordiani: A Neighborhood Study

  • Bria Francisco, B.S. URS 2014
    Kenneth Kalynchuk, B.S. URS 2014
    Tania Marinos, B.S. URS 2014
    Ariel Velarde, B.S. URS 2014
  • Class

    CRP 4160 Rome Workshop
  • Instructor

    Gregory Smith
    William Goldsmith

Our study area is defined by the edges of the regional rail line to the north and Via Prenestina to the south. To the east and to the west, Villa Gordiani is bordered by Viale delle Serenissima and Via Diagono D'lstria respectively. For the purposes of our study, we divided the quartiere into two distinct districts to analyze the growth and development of the community. The districts, our primary study area and our secondary study area, were chosen based on patterns of building typology. Our primary study area is the original social housing development built in the early 1950s. The secondary study area includes the private construction, commercial amenities and parks established in reference to the initial housing. 

To request a copy of the full report, contact the Department of City and Regional Planning.

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