Group Project Tobacco Warehouse Carpark Theater

  • Alex Jopek, M.Arch. 2017
    Lindy Foltz, M.Arch. 2017
  • Class

    ARCH 5113 Core Design Studio III (fall 2014)
  • Instructor

    Jenny Sabin
    Andrew Lucia

Through a series of digital and material abstract investigations into complex curvature, situate a carpark and live theater for St. Ann's, an experimental theater company, within the historic Tobacco Warehouse shell in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Preliminary Abstract Investigations:

The digital studies engage Grasshopper for Rhino to examine a variety of threading conditions deployed on a virtual substrate, which may be manipulated to deform the thread patterns. Physical models allow further study of these geometries through material properties.

Translation to Site:

The project defines substrate as a grid based on the existing apertures of the Tobacco Warehouse, less the oblique and interior walls. Multiple grid scales accommodate the varying sizes of both cars and humans. The grid components are projected vertically as needed and connected through a number of systems which depend upon a primary concrete structure — a one way carpath used exclusively for parking during high demand and for outdoor performance space during lesser demand.

Enclosure Strategy:

Glazing provides enclosure for the ticketed theater space, box office, cafe, restrooms, offices, and storage space. All of the enclosed space is elevated a minimum of 8' off the ground, to accommodate floodwaters from the East River and to allow full use of the warehouse footprint by Brooklyn Bridge Park users. Outdoor seating offers the opportunity for people-watching and observation of impromptu performances.

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