Group Project Splintering Urbanism: The East River and Hudson River Waterfronts

  • Julie Casabianca, M.R.P. 2015
    Sunny Gao, M.R.P. 2014
    Jia Li, M.R.P. 2015
    Sylvia Xiaomeng Li, M.R.P. 2014
    Vicki Long, M.R.P. 2015
    Ashton McDonald, M.R.P. 2015
    Hobum Moon, M.R.P./M.L.A. 2015
    Dan Moran, M.R.P. 2015
    Barb Summers, M.R.P. 2014
    Max Taffet, M.R.P. 2014
    Sophie Ke Tong, M.R.P. 2015
    Jonathan Tsai, M.R.P. 2014
    Danai Theodora Zaire, M.R.P. 2014
    Hunter Zupnick, M.R.P./M.L.A. 2015
  • Class

    CRP 5072: Land Use, Environmental Planning, and Urban Design Workshop

In the middle of the 19th century, the East River and Hudson River waterfronts were much alike but today, they could not look more different. As the nature of shipping changed and New York City grew, one edge was rebuilt in the mid-20th century, the other at the turn of this century. Each waterfront was shaped by very different paradigms. The focus of this studio is to examine the underlying principles of these paradigms, to understand their qualities, strengths, and weaknesses, and to propose a new paradigm for 21st-century waterfront communities. The report is divided into five sections focusing on accessibility, infrastructure, affordability and mobility, and intensity.

To request a copy of the full report, contact the Department of City and Regional Planning.

Studio Instructors

  • Claire Weisz, FAIA
  • Adam Lubinsky, Ph.D., AICP
  • Jacob Dugopolski, AIA, LEED AP (TA)
  • Yeju Choi, Graphic Designer, NowHere Office
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