Re: Public School: Community Culture

black and white headshot of a young woman with dark hair
  • Yue Ma, M.Arch. 2019
  • Hometown

    Beijing, China
  • Class

    ARCH 5114 Core Design Studio IV: Integrative Design Practice
  • Instructor

    Jason Long
    Yusef Dennis
    Scott Abrahams

Public education is one of the central tasks of a modern democratic society, preparing students to become responsible citizens. The buildings that house this important task not only shape the way people teach and learn within them but also serve as icons and symbols of their common values. The project, located along the northern boundary of the Brooklyn waterfront, serves as an experiment for a potential future public school.

A child is the center of a family and the future of a society. Thus, schools should be an open platform for children to safely engage with the community, and for the public to celebrate their community culture. The public school should maintain a "give and take" relationship with the city, i.e. the school using the community resources for better education, and the community engaging with the school to develop a stronger sense of community culture. Therefore, the intention of this proposal is to use the public school as a tool to mitigate industrial decline in the area and alter the community's character.

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