young woman with dark hair wearing a black sweater
  • Erin Yook, B.Arch. 2017
  • Hometown

    Norwood, New Jersey
  • Class

    ARCH 3102 Design VI (Rome)
  • Instructor

    Andrea Simitch

This project proposes a zone called Purgatory, an intermediary zone creating an "other" world completely isolated from its context. Located in Valle Aurelia, a void is excavated and filled with water. This void is not a fissure, but rather an active form of connectivity through precise demarcation of limits and borders. By isolating the inhabitants in this void, it connects them through inherent security without the introduction of any infrastructure. It is a safe haven — a world between the new and the old, city and forest, opaque and transparent, man-made and natural — a purgatory zone. This intervention allows the user to completely remove themselves from Rome and completely isolate themselves from its context.

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